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SEE BELOW TO HAVE A greater understandING of where cjs builders started, where we are going and what we hold IMPORTANT to us as a company.

Our Story

As a full service General Contractor, Construction Management and Construction Consulting Firm, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and professionalism.

In 2007 Christopher J. Spano recognized a genuine need for a midsize high-end construction company within the New York and New Jersey markets. So CJS Builders was formed.

Shortly after, we hit the 2008 crisis, clearly not the best time to launch a new business, particularly a construction based one! However with an incredibly strong work ethic and a lot of perseverance, CJS was not only able to ride out the crisis, but also come out the other side stronger and better suited for the future. During this difficult time CJS was able to establish long standing client relationships that still exist to the present day.

CJS was able to quickly establish ourselves within the high end retail markets from the outset. By doing so this allowed all involved at the company to become very well versed in fast paced/tight schedules, have a greater focus on procurement and logistics, and understand how to maintain the quality required to provide the high end spaces. Its this mentality and work ethic that remains at the heart of everyone at CJS, allowing us to take these experiences and knowledge and use it across all markets and sectors we now operate in.

As a company we have stood up against the tests of time and crisis, allowing us to continue to provide the highest quality services to both our clients and the full project team.

Since the beginning, we have been offering our clients a wide range of services including pre-construction services, general contracting, construction management, construction consulting and more recently real estate development services. CJS has enjoyed its own evolution through the years and is excited to continue to develop and progress as a company.

Our Vision

CJS Builders recognizes that to successfully survive in the construction industry, you can never become complacent or accepting of the ways of working today, that we need to always be striving to improve our services to not only our clients, but to all who we interact and work with through all stages of the projects.

Towards the end of 2018, CJS Builders made a conscious decision to start its next evolution of the company. The main focuses of this evolution would be the company as a brand, its culture and the use of technology, not just internally but through the projects we work on and all who we work with. We identified that the world we are all living and working in is also starting its next shift and evolution.

Clients want more and more transparency with everything, particularly finances, sourcing and procurement. In general, now a days people care more about what your company is about, your interest and care on both your immediate environment and the world as a whole. People want to know what is important to you as a company and what you care about. CJS welcomes all of this and sees only benefits coming from this!

We will look to try and use our new collaborative culture and our services to bring the project teams back to being one entity all striving towards the same goals. Something that is going to be its own challenge, in the "blame culture" that has been created over the last 10 - 20 years....

Over the coming days, months and years, CJS Builders will begin to adapt into the current and future worlds we live and operate in. Some changes will be obvious, others more subtle. But the following areas will become what drives us as both a company and as individuals:

  • More emphasis on the internal company culture and ways of working.
  • Greater use of technology to improve efficiency and reduce our impact on the environment.
  • CJS will begin a full transition to operating and running as a "Green Company" or carbon neutral.
  • Have a greater understanding of our overall impacts as a company and more considerations into how to reduce these.
  • Develop and drive the CJS Brand - Allowing all to have more transparency into our business and ways of working.
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Core Values

We decided to update and install new company core values at the beginning of 2019. We wanted to adapt our core values to be based on what we hold of importance internally, but also want we believe to be the key values that will benefit and protect all who work with CJS Builders.

  • A process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, speech or behaviour.
  • A technique for expressing ideas effectively
“Communication is the process of passing information and understanding from one person to another.”

In today’s world, there is a tendency to take the ability to have instant access to information for granted and therefore neglect to communicate properly with one another. At CJS Builders we see communication as a key to success for anything and everything we do.

CJS appreciates that the communication of both good and bad news is always key to delivering a successful project. Full transparency allows us to mitigate and control issues more effectively and efficiently. Thus reducing any impact to the overall project.

  • Careful thought: The act of thinking carefully about something that you will have to make a decision .on
  • A desire to avoid doing something that will impact another person or entity in a negative manner or way. 
  • Something that you must have about you, when you make any choice or decision.
“Consideration is kindness and thoughtful regard for others, or an act of thoughtfulness.”

CJS Builders firmly believes that taking the time to offer thoughtful consideration of all potential options when encountering adversity or conflict will lead to the best possible outcomes. 

With the amount of companies, people and services involved in any one project, all decisions can have an impact on numerous other entities. So consideration should be at the forefront of any decision making.

“Integrity means following your moral or ethical convictions and doing the right thing in all circumstances, even if no one is watching you.” 

When CJS Builders was founded in 2007, we created our tag line “Building with Integrity and Vision”. This core value is as important to us now as it was then. We firmly believe that this unwavering basic principle keeps us in elite company within the construction industry.

  • The act or power of seeing: Sight 
  • An act, thought, concept, or object formed by the power of imagination
  • Mode of seeing or conceiving
“The ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.”
  • Client/Design Team Vision: From the outset of a project, CJS will embrace the full vision of both the client and the design team. This allows us to be in lock step with the project delivery methodology and identify any areas of coordination or risk that may affect the outcome of the project. 
  • Company Vision: At CJS Builders our true vison is to deliver all projects to the highest quality standards, in the most effective and efficient ways possible. This vision is not only understood, but held deeply by all members of the CJS Builders Team. 

As a Firm and as construction professionals, the CJS Builders Team recognizes the importance of establishing and holding on to strong Company Core Values. We look forward to collaborating with partners and clients that share a similar philosophy. 

Proud partners of the U.S. Green Building Council

The U.S. Green Building Council is committed to a sustainable, prosperous future through LEED, the leading program for green buildings and communities worldwide.

A LEED credential denotes proficiency in today’s sustainable design, construction and operations standards. More than 203,000 professionals have earned a LEED credential to help advance their careers. Showcase your knowledge, experience and credibility in the green building marketplace as a LEED professional.

Buildings have a substantial impact on the health and wellbeing of people and the planet. Buildings use resources, generate waste and are costly to maintain and operate. Green building is the practice of designing, constructing and operating buildings to maximize occupant health and productivity, use fewer resources, reduce waste and negative environmental impacts, and decrease life cycle costs.

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"We have a clear vision when we start a project. Our vision is always indistinguishable from our client’s vision."

Christopher Spano
President of CJS Builders