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Social Media in the Construction Industry

Whilst social media continues to evolve on a daily basis, a lot of people and/or companies are still yet to either take the initial leap into the world or maximize its true potential. 

The origin of social media changes depending on your interpretation of what it actually is, however, one of the first sites that resembles what we typically understand to be social media today, was Six Degrees. This platform was created in 1997 and allowed you to create a profile and have “friends”.

Today there are now hundreds of different types of social media and content sharing platforms available. These can include the ability to post and share blogs, live videos, 360 degree photos/videos and virtual reality integration. On this basis we are now able to have instant access to information and create “communities” where we can engage and share the information with anyone, wherever they may be.

Social media allows each user (business or personal) to create an online community. At CJS we look to do so by actively engaging with our clients, designers, consultants, sub-contractors and vendors through their social media channels. This can be done by “tagging” channel handles (eg: @NYCArchitect) in our posts, commenting on posts or online content, and by also showcasing not only the work of each company, but successful partnerships or co-working experiences through “re-posting” of content.

The idea we have here is to create a trusted community and network that allows potential clients, existing clients, other industry companies or even just your regular “John Smith” to have full transparency in what we do as a company.

We see social media as an incredibly beneficial tool that enables us to reinvent the way we market the company, but more importantly engage with the wider world. Before the existence of social media you would need to contact someone at the company and speak with them to get even a fraction of the information that is now available through our various platforms, then factor that the person at the company you were speaking with, also needed to know and trust you enough to even divulge any information.

CJS is excited to incorporate and engage more through social media, giving greater transparency into the company, our employees and our culture. Through greater visibility we will be able to organically build trust before we even come face to face with others. Trust is the core to any relationship and without it, this can be a non-starter.

Social media allows us to breakdown some of the typical barriers and provide convenient access. Convenience is becoming more and more important to the modern professional. Having all information readily available at a click of a button, so much so that recent studies show that most people will leave a web page if it has not fully loaded after the first 5 seconds!

We will continue to be active in the world of social media and fully understand the possibilities that it offers, not only to us directly as a company, but also to our greater community.

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